Server Features

Base EXP  125x


Drop Rate 50x
Card Drop 50x
MvP EXP 5x
MvP Card 3x


@ Commands you can use:

@go, @autoloot, @whodrop, @mobinfo, @commands, @help, @rates, @uptime, @time, @hominfo, @homstats, @showexp, @showzeny, @whereis, @alootid, @joinevent, @help, @langtype, @jailtime, @showdelay, @exp


Special and Customs:

Costume Maker => You can make an Costume out of any Low, Mid and Upper Headgear for an working fee!

Item Mall => We provide you an own Item Mall where you can buy some normal and some special stuffs

Own Maintown => We have an own Maintown on ArtemisRO to bound the Community at an strong and characteristic place!

Own Dungeons => We have custom Dungeons and custom loot from those custom monsters!

Own Story & Quest => As the title say here on ArtemisRO you find an costume Storyline with own quests!

and much more!


Come and find out!


Standard features: Jobmaster, Warper, Healer with Cure

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