Rules on ArtemisRO

ArtemisRO Discord

  • Mainlanguage is English. We have seperated Channels for your mainlanguage. Use them, if you dont want to use english.
  • Respect others.
  • If you like other RO Servers that's okay! But don't make advertise for it.
  • Hate, Racism and Flaming is not allowed. If you want to send pictures from 9gag or anything like this it's okay, but remember that not everyone think that it's funny. Think twice before posting!
  • The Team have the last word, if you aren't accepting it call one of the admins to check it.


ArtemisRO In-Game

  • Don't flame other players.
  • Have respect.
  • No Killstealing
  • No Lootstealing
  • Don't grind other players down with mobbing.
  • Respect the GameMasters and follow there orders, when they give you some.
  • Don't use bugs - Report them.
  • If you think something should be forbbiden send us an eMail to support@artemisro.org

ArtemisRO Forum

  • You can find our Forum rules in the forum hisself.
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